Prima Lighting 70-882 Novel Hinged LED Wall Sconce

By Prima Lighting




Hardware Finish
Polished Chrome

Width: 3in
Length: 10.5in
Height: 4.92in

NOVEL Prima’s Novel Luminaire offers the opportunity to combine two kinds of energy saving lighting methods in one simple, innovative and useful package. The fixed upper part of the assembly provides ambient lighting to the room acting as a wall washing fixture. The movable lower part is intended for a reading light and can be moved away from the wall and adjusted for optimal illumination of the reading material. This type of fixture is especially suited for hotel and hospitality bedroom applications and also in residential living rooms over a sofa placed by the wall. Adjustable up & downlight Uplight: 1W x 7 SSC P4 Warm White LEDs, 123° beam angle Downlight: 3W x 1 SSC P4 Natural White LEDs, 15° beam angle Retro-fit compatible with extension cord and plug Replaceable LED module 4-way switch for isolated or combined operation of the up and down LED lights Diffused lens cover for even distribution of uplight   Note: All Fixtures and lighting systems must be used with a Prima transformer, driver, and/or ballast, or all warranties are void, and complimentary lamps will not be supplied.